About The Fairfield County Foundation

The Fairfield County Foundation originated in May 1989 when Probate Judge S. Farrell Jackson challenged local citizens to establish a community foundation. It was learned that if a foundation was not formed, significant trust funds would be moved to a neighboring foundation which was out of the local area. In addition, there would be no local control and limited community input.

From the beginning local citizens have served on the Board of Trustees to provide a Community Foundation. This enables individuals, families and organizations a resource “through” which to give money to benefit our community.

The Foundation is “Building A Legacy”¬†through philanthropy and stewardship to strengthen our community.

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2017 Board of Trustees

Penny Wasem, Chairman

Victor Christopher, Vice Chairman

Woodson Winfree, Treasurer

Molly Bates, Secretary

Jason Baker

Jeff Beard

Cathy Bitler

Aundrea Cordle

Dean DeRolph

Mike Lieber

John McGraw

Brian Shonk

Kamilla Sigafoos

James Smith

Melissa Walker



Amy Eyman, Executive Director

Abby King, Program Officer

Reneé Reilly, Financial Officer

Stephanie Herman, Administrative Assistant